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Draw your weapon and fight for your freedom! You got a new video game for the newest VR set that has come out. Yet you get stuck inside the game. Will you survive?
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PostSubject: REVIEW REGULATIONS   Sun May 21, 2017 6:28 pm

This is where you can post anything to be reviewed, from your character, to quests, to ranking, to floor completion.  Also, anything you need approval to buy may be posted for review as well.

In order for things to be reviewed, you must post a reply to the forum of the item you need reviewed containing the link to what you need reviewed.  In the term of quests, you must post to your own finished quest.  In terms of anything else, post a link to the page in the correct forum.

I.E.: I need my character reviewed, post a topic stating character review, and post a link inside the message to your character page.
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